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Slide show showing the work that has been going on the last week on the trees on the 1st and 2nd fairways along with pictures of greens being cut on the 11th January




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Tricky conditions today on the course but some pictures below of the drainage work going on at the 10th


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29th  October  to 31st March

  • Mats will be in force for all tees and fairways
  • We advise to use winter wheels on trolleys or if possible carry a bag
  • Buggies to be assessed daily
  • Course closure will come into play in adverse conditions
  • All bunkers will be GUR areas
  • Temporary greens will come into play in poor weather conditions
  • When temporary greens have been cut and circled with yellow paint they become GUR areas please lift and drop off green
  • Holes and greens may be closed or shorted this is to allow staff to work on these areas



Heavy rainfall, Flooding,High Winds, Frost/Ice,Snow,Unsafe conditions



White frost damage is caused when the leaf of the plant has been damaged

Due to golfers walking on the greens this causes blackening and puts the plant

under stress so temporary greens must come into play


If we have a long period of frost and no whitening we may allow greens on

Depending on daily condition


Once the frost starts to thaw we must allow the frost to fully come out of the ground before allowing greens back in play as we could cause damage to the roots if the soil underneath is still frozen (root break)



Craig Young and Alastair Thomson

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18th Green Inspection

18th Green inspection

Click on link above


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Below is a few of the pictures taken this morning from the course

Check out the snow on the 5th tee !!





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All the green keepers working hard to clear path to Clubhouse




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Watson Foundation Course Works now Complete

We are pleased to advise that Ground Water Dynamics have completed their installation of a unique and state of the art vertical drainage system at the following areas on the course (which many of you will have noticed over the past few days)

  • Centenary Copse
  • 9th Fairway (at foot of the hill)
  • 10th Tee & approaches to the 9th Green

Our grateful thanks once again to John Watson OBE and the trustees of the Watson Foundation for enabling these works to be undertaken.

IMG_1167 IMG_1168 IMG_1175

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Season Opening Shotgun Event(s)

On what turned out to be a glorious day of weather, we held our Opening Shotgun events on Saturday 22nd April.

The morning Camel Trophy Shotgun, was won with 45 Stableford points (3 pairs achieved this score) by Scott Wallace & Adam Bisset.

The afternoon event, The Captain v. Past Captain challenge, was won by Past Captain Brian Henry Thistle’s team, by the impressive score of 10.5 to 4.5     Many thanks to all who participated.  Some memorable golf was on display, such as Steven Skelly’s Hole In One at the 12th (his first ever) and Champ Ally Thomson’s chip in for an Eagle 2 at the 18th to win the headline match 1 up.


The dinner, speeches and presentation of Past Captain’s badge and tie were well attended and thanks to all, of all generations, who came along, some photos attached of the event.

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April Course News




There has been good growth on all greens and 40 tons of top dressing sand has been applied to all greens. The staff will continue to top dress over the next two weeks and over seed the fusarium patches with fescue seed as this is the quickest to germinate.


All mats have been removed from tees apart from the newly laid tees and par 3s to allow them to grown in a bit more. All mats will be removed by the 22nd of the month. The old tee area on the 16th will soon be reseeded.


1st bunker is now complete. All other bunkers have been edged and sand moved around to keep the depth uniform.

STRI Report

The report on the course from the Sports Turf Research Institute is now on the club website and copies will be placed in the lounge.

2nd Fairway

Staff will begin to dig out wet areas on 2nd down to gravel layer and back fill with fresh gravel.

Putting Green

As a result of the grant from John Watson Foundation, Souters have completed extending and levelling the putting green.

Scottish Water

The contractors are currently returfing the 1st fairway and relaying the path at the 1st tee.


Gary Harkin resigned at the beginning of April. A new qualified greenkeeper, Craig Littlejohn from Bearsden Golf Club, will be joining us on the 2nd May.


The course was struck again by vandals over the Easter weekend. They set fire to the pump house beside the 8th tee and destroyed two of our benches by setting fire to them and throwing them into the Allander. Rakes from nearby bunkers have also been removed. Drew managed to get the pump operating again and a new door has been ordered for the pump house. The police are investigating the incident.





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March Course News

Redevelopment of Practice Putting Green

We are delighted to announce that the Watson Foundation will be funding the redevelopment of the Putting green in front of the clubhouse. The contractors will expand and level the putting surface. We are hoping that this work will get underway before the end of the month.

Scottish Water Works

Works to replace the main sewer are continuing. We are still hopeful that the work will be completed before the end of the month. Thank you again for your patience.

Drainage Work on 4th Fairway

Souters are currently working on renewing the drainage at the elbow of the 4th Fairway. Unfortunately this will mean a shortened 4th hole when works are underway with a temporary tee beyond the work location.

Trial 5th Tee

As previously mentioned, we are continuing with a trial tee located in the rough to the left of the fairway. The green staff will be endeavouring to level this tee to make it more playable. Please try it out if you are playing a bounce game.

Graden Sand Injection of Greens

Work has started on sand injecting all the greens to ensure that they are ready for the new season. While this extensive exercise is underway, a number of temporary greens may be on. This work is weather dependent.

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Test Drainage Works

Thanks to funding from the Watson Foundation, Ground Water Dynamics, have just  carried out limited work beside the 9th green and behind the 7th green to show the club how effective their drainage solutions are.



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Scottish Water Works

Somewhat belatedly Scottish Water will be starting work on replacing their sewer on Monday 20th February. The work is due to last 6 weeks but the contractors, George Leslie, have assured us that they will attempt to complete the work as quickly as possible. The work will mean disruption to the first tee and loss of some car parking places. The Course Manager will arrange for an alternative route to a temporary first tee which is likely to be round the back of the 18th green. We apologise for the disruption.

New Bunker

A new bunker is planned on the first hole approximately 196 yards from the medal tee in the left semi rough. It has been marked out in yellow paint. The reason for this is to discourage golfers from hitting shots into the adjacent work yard on the other side of the railway. This development, along with a new cut line for the semi, will hopefully reduce complaints from our neighbour and prevent us from having to erect an expensive high fence. All golfers are reminded to shout ‘fore’ if they hit a wayward shot. Please note that, in line with STRI recommendations, a bunker on the 10th fairway will be filled in to ensure we do not add to the number of bunkers on the course.


Weather permitting it is hoped to have all the bunkers back in play by 17th February. This will allow all players to hone their bunker skills well before the start of the new season. Thank you for your patience with the bunkers being out of play over the winter which has allowed the green keeping staff to concentrate on other vital work around the course.


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Mild weather continues into December

Photos taken today by our Course Manager.

Yes, we have been cutting Greens on 1st December.

We’ve made sure the boys are protected with FACTOR 20.   Just in case.


dec-2016-green-cutting-1 dec-2016-green-cutting-2

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STRI Certification for Greenkeepers

Fresh from last week’s STRI Training Courses held at Haggs Castle GC are our Greenkeepers Simon Murray and Andrew Clarke.

Pictured below receiving their STRI Certificates from Captain Brian Thistle.




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Poor Under Foot Conditions : November 2016

Updated : 24.11.16 By Captain Brian Henry Thistle


As a consequence of the recent heavy rains and for the protection of the grounds the Course Manager has requested that unless absolutely necessary, motor trolleys should NOT be used on the course.

We are endeavouring to keep the course open for play as much as possible and without this course of action, the course may have to be closed, to protect the surfaces for future play.   Your co-operation and understanding of this situation is appreciated.

The coming week is looking to be relatively dry so, hopefully, if ground conditions continue to improve motor trolleys can be again be used more widely.

Notices will be posted on the First Tee indicating any specific holes which will be out of play while conditions remain poor. (see image below)    In the meantime please follow any roped off areas to protect the surfaces around the golf course and your own safe passage.

Confirmation once again that a combination of an influx of funds from the Watson Foundation and Club Development Fund means that the club is in a position to improve practice facilities in an extended Pro Shop facility, providing a new disabled lift installation from the lobby to the Pay Phone box, which has been a redundant space for many years, and investment in Course facilities over the Winter Months so that at the start of the 2017 Summer Season we have a fantastic facility, inside and out at Douglas Park.

Please help to spread the word.



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