On the 22nd June 1897, Mr Will Gibson of Camphill, Bearsden wrote to a number of friends and neighbours inviting them ‘to attend a meeting of gentlemen favourable to the formation of a golf course on the ground at Douglas Park’

Although only 11 people attended they resolved that evening to do just that.

Within 14 weeks they had elected a committee, obtained the lease of the ground, had the land drained and a nine hole course constructed.

The number of members had increased to 56.

The course was formally opened on Saturday 2nd October, 1897, in somewhat dreary weather. By late 1897 the membership had increased to 107 and by 1901 to over 200.

Changes in layout were made in 1903, 1907, 1933 and 1972, this being the present layout.

The first clubhouse, of iron, was constructed in 1897 and was replaced by a larger clubhouse in 1903 which, with a face lift in 1911, served the members well until the present club house was opened in 1938.