Course News

26th October 2016

2016 Poppy Appeal & Battle Of the Somme Commemoration

This year, to mark the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme, we have taken delivery of a suitably adorned flag to fly on our “16th” green. Please give generously to this year’s poppy appeal. Some photos attached of our flag flying proudly.  
24th October 2016

Some Autumn Tidy Ups at the 1st & 18th

Course looking spic and span as a result of good working conditions during this fantastic dry spell in October 2016 (that’s torn it). Please note that Fairway Mats will be in use from 1st November and Tee Mats will be put in place on selected tees during this week. In the meantime, please do your bit to replace any divots […]
6th October 2016

Do You Remember This View ?

Please “Comment” below if you can remember when this area looked like this. Also, do you know who is featured in the photograph ?
5th October 2016

Autumnal Activities

  A few things happening around the course….. We have a few Winter Temporary Greens marked out in advance of some Winter Works and also highlighted the route for Golf Trolleys to take short of the Greens to protect the surfaces. Also, we are introducing a Colour Coding for the Pin Placements. These will be in place for the remainder […]
19th September 2016

Vandalism on Ladies 17th Tee

Ladies Match has highlighted the damage featured below on the Ladies 17th tee. Those who caused the damage are unknown, however may we please emphasise that practice from tees is not permitted but, in any event, any damage to tees MUST be repaired either by the replacement of the divot (as in these cases) and pegged down or by correct […]
9th August 2016

Divot Damage on 10th Green

Drew wished the attached photo to be published on divot damage found this morning on the 10th green  
23rd July 2016

Course Waste Bins

Members will be pleased to note that our new waste bins have been delivered and are in storage. These bins also incorporate new ball washers. However, they will require to be sited on slabs and these are still to be fitted in appropriate locations. So, for a short period of time there are two temporary bins on the course. One […]
17th July 2016

Tee Surface Protection Project

Photos below show the challenge which golfers present our greenkeeping staff with in terms of basic golfing etiquette. We commenced an initiative in the Spring, to ensure that Tee surfaces (particularly at 2nd/3rd/12th/17th) were kept in tip-top condition.  (by using seeded soil and/or biodegradable tee pegs) These photos show the state of the tee at 17 during the Assistant Pro’s […]
13th July 2016

Some Tree Pruning on Top Part Of the Course

Thanks as ever to Gavin Steel and his trusty chainsaw for pruning some dead wood up along the farmer’s fence on the 13th fairway, behind the 13th green, at the 14th medal tee and along the conifers at the 14th fairway.